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Welcome to 2018 and Transense Times ....

A new year!! a great time to step forward, do the things you want to do....these may be some of them :) .....

I am excited to share some new events.....

Tibetan Cranial
with Linda Moreau visiting from the US
FREE lecture and demonstration of this ancient practice and
Individual sessions available by appointment over the weekend;

The Goddess Rocks Circle with Kia LaFey coming up soon!!!

We have the Awakening the Heart England Retreat Open evening
on January 11th at 6.30pm, only 3 places left and May will be here soon!

the Amethyst Bio Mat is still on special..... A great way to stay WARM and get healthy at the same time!

Read all about it below.....
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A special welcome if you are new to our community
  Each month we share 
happenings at Transense, there is a prize draw question at the end of each newsletter and do join our FB page to stay connected too! 

Awakening the Heart England Retreat 2018  Retreat Information Session  Thursday January 11th at 6.30pm - 8.30pm  3 places left! Hear more about this transformational journey and from previous participants. Journey to Glastonbury, stay at the Chalice Well World Peace garden, Private Access to Stonehenge. Visit sacred sites, meditations, workshops.  Experience the Healing Waters and energies of the Isle of Avalon. Do call or email me to hear more tel 416271 0512 Click here for more information, RSVP. 

amethyst biomat pro setAmethyst Bio Mat is back has FREE shipping for the next 2 months! The Bio mat is now a registered medical device with Health Canada and comes in the Professional (massage table size) and mini 
mat (chair size).   If you would like to hear more, come in for a FREE demo session or place your order call me 416 271 0512 or email and click here to read more

The Goddess Rocks Dream Circle  Friday, January 12, 2018 at 7 PM - 10 PM with Kia LaFey. The Goddess Rocks Dream Circle is for women who want to connect with: the alchemical cauldron of the dream realm, tribal fire, and sisterhood, our dreams as whispers from our souls, the Divine Feminine within ourselves, and as Source Energy/Shakti, exploring our dreams' potential for healing-transforming-darkness-light-power-pleasure-bliss-magick! Click here for more information and to register (registration required).

Reflexology Diploma with Janet Williams, Footsteps Reflexology School (300 hours - Commencing Saturday January 13th, then 27th, February 10th, 24th, March 3rd 17th April 28th 2018) Learn Reflexology. This course is open to anyone who is serious about learning and practising Reflexology, anyone already in the health field or anyone wanting to change career. Click here for further details on all Footsteps programs.

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce - Toronto Midtown at Transense Wednesday January 17th 6.30pm- 8:30pm. Monthly meeting for holistic and holistic-minded professionals, practitioners, businesses and people. Then next meeting Wednesday February 21st. Click here for more information and to register (as a guest or member).

Indian Head Massage with Janet Williams, Footsteps Reflexology School, choose from 2 dates, Friday January 19th, or Monday February 26th. One day class. A practical day learning traditional indian massage techniques that can be used for stress, tension, headaches, TMJ. Click here for further details on all Footsteps programs.

Reiki I class 'the secret of inviting happiness, the medicine for all illness'. 2 upcoming dates; Saturday January 20th 9.30am - 5pm(plus completion session) or Friday 26th January 9.30am - 5pm (plus completion session) Learn Reiki for your health and happiness and to share with others. No prior experience required. Full manual and certificate given and ongoing support sessions. Great established Reiki community.  Click here for more information and to register.

Essential Oils, A Healthy New Year workshop Tuesday January 23rd 6.30pm - 9pm. Begin the year refreshed and with energy! Learn about and Experience Essential Oils for the winter season, Oils as natural health products for health and wellness, How to get improve your environment and get rid of toxins from your home, workplace. Click here for more informationand contact Stephanie to register. Visit www. to read and learn all about essential oils. To place your order, select ordering, join as a member to receive 24% discount and join our team. Contact Stephanie if you have any questions and attend the next workshop!

Reiki /Sekhem Share Thursday January 25th, 7pm - 9.30pm, then the last Thursday of the month (except May!) Share the love, take care of you. Regular monthly practice sessions. Practice Reiki with others in a safe learning environment. Last Thursday of the month (except December). All levels and styles of Reiki/Sekhem students and Practitioners are welcome. CEUs are given for CRA membership. Please click here for more information.

Experience Tibetan Cranial with Linda Moreau visiting from the US.  FREE  lecture of this ancient practice Friday, January 26, 6:30 to 8:30 pm  Demo and Q&A to follow lecture. Individual sessions available by appointment over the weekend Saturday and Sunday, January 27, 28.  This ancient healing art is designed to promote our innate capacity for self- healing. Tibetan Cranial® is a healing modality that originated in the Himalayan highland about 3,000 years ago, and is now practiced in its traditional form in the West. Practitioners use their fingertips to read hundreds of pulses on the recipient’s head. The physical component of TC involves gentle pressure applied to the neck and skull. It also involves energetic work. As the recipient lies on the table, the Practitioner kneels at the recipient’s head, creating a connection between the Practitioner’s heat chakra and the recipient’s crown chakra. Both the Practitioner and recipient engage in silent mantra, the repetition of a phrase, affirmation, prayer, or sound, generally of a spiritual nature. Because TC work is physical, energetic, and spiritual, it can affect the body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Click here for more information and to register. 

The Goddess Rocks Full Moon Circle with Kia LaFey  Sun. Jan 28, 6-8:30pm is for women who want to connect with the alchemical energy of the moon, tribal fire, and sisterhood, myths and stories about our Divine Feminine nature, the Divine Feminine (within ourselves, and as Source Energy), primal feminine nature, the 'Wild Self' , our bodies as powerhouses - experiencing the creative power of the female body, the alchemical cauldron of womb-space, the energetic home of Shakti, the Great She, creation-destruction-healing-transforming-dark-light-power-pleasure-magick. Please click here for more information. 

Goddess Ceremony - Imbolc Friday February 2nd at 7pm - 9:30pm with Kia LaFey. Join us in ceremony and community as we celebrate Imbolc, a time of renewal and purification, in preparation for rebirth in spring. We call upon the energies of Avalon to activate healing, transformation and inspiration into our lives. This ceremony of purification uses sacred spring water from Glastonbury to cleanse our energies, and candles to light our way. Click here for more information.

Advanced Sekhem Saturday February 3rd 9.30am - 5pm(plus completion session) Moving beyond the mind supports healing on a mind, body and spirit level, and focuses from the heart. Expanding our own vibrational frequency and bringing about personal growth and changes, freeing us to live from a place of love. For those who have completed Sekhem levels I and II. Click here for more information and call or email Stephanie for more information and to register. Discount applies if taking the full weekend (with All Love below).

All Love Workshop Sunday February 4th The All Love workshop is a journey home, to the home inside of you; that space that knows and has always known your own sense of eternal freedom and joy. Meditations, group practice with Sekhem / All love energy and opening to love. No prior experience required. Click here for more information and call or email Stephanie for more information and to register.

Hand Reflexology Monday, February 12th with Janet Williams, Footsteps Reflexology School . One day class. Learn hand relaxation technique, very useful for first aid techniques, quick and easy solutions for headaches, stress, tension, digestive issues. Click here for further details on all Footsteps programs.

Reiki II class “Expanding consciousness and increasing positive vibrational energy”. Saturday February 24th 9.30am - 5pm (plus completion session) Extend your Reiki practice, learn Reiki symbols and mantra, additional techniques, distance healing and expand your intuition and path. Click here for more information and to register.

Reiki Master Teacher Program "the transformational power of universal life force energy". New Program beginning March 2018 with Stephanie. Are you ready to take the next step? Program dates one day per month. Or call me for alternative start date to join the program. Program includes review, workshops, Reiki and personal mastery, Reiki Master symbol, Master Attunement, Reiki practices, recommended reading, case studies, personal reflection, business development, teaching practice. Ongoing support. Click here for more information and call or email Stephanie to discuss and begin this awesome journey.

Additional dates available for all Reiki and Sekhem classes, all levels. Classes are small to support good learning and sharing. Please call or email Stephanie 416-916-2980, stephanie@, to book a session or class, available weekday, evening or weekends.

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Purchases for your health and wellness at Transense:gift certificate with Stephanie for sessions, classes or workshops.Essential Oils, Diffusers, Meditation cushions, Amethyst Bio Mat, Alkaline Water system.  Click on the image for more information and contact Stephanie to purchase.

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And the prize draw question for this month is  . . . Where did Tibetan Cranial originate? 

First correct responder wins a prize from the Transense store.  Congratulations to last month's Prize draw winner!! (If you have won a prize in a previous month and not yet collected it, please call me, it is waiting for you:) !!

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Wishing you a wonderful, healthy and happy 2018!
and we look forward to seeing you at Ttransense

With much love and light


Stephanie Cookson, 

Reiki Master Teacher, Usui, Sekhem, SSR, All Love, Registered Nurse (UK-MH) MBA, Holistic Practitioner, Registered Teacher (CRA RT 06-061)


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