Clearly Conscious Event -   The Journey of Consciousness – Using Sound and Technology and Choosing Love

clearlyconsciousCome join Bill, Andrea and Sharon in an interactive head and heart exercise designed to bring greater awareness to why achieving and desiring higher states of consciousness is so important in life. This is not something ‘out there” something achievable by all of us in human form. So come join the ride. It is one you will never regret. 

During this workshop we will discuss the journey of Consciousness using Sound and Technology. You will also participate as sound, energy and vibration is used, in a very unique way, to assist you in dropping subconscious beliefs patterns holding you back!! 

As part of this workshop you will experience an expansion of your consciousness in a coherent field of love.  If you are looking for deeper connections with people who seek to make a difference in this world through love and self-empowerment, this is the event for you. Enjoy a time of community and sharing in a coherent field of love. 

What do we mean by a sound session/mediation? (No we are not talking crystal bowls and gongs here)

To facilitate this transformational experience we use; state of the art technology, scalar energy, structured water and group specific frequencies. Taking a voice sample from the group creates these “group specific frequencies”. The sample is analyzed by the world’s leading voice analysis software and a completely unique sound track is created. This sound track is then played through scalar technology and speakers to create a unique group sound mediation session. This amazing combination of audio and scalar energy supports you in accelerating the release of blocks holding you back from your inner guidance.  Each group meditation provides a unique transformation opportunity for you. 

Come out and share in this truly unique experience that Bill and Andrea from Clearly Conscious have been sharing with thousands across Canada and around the globe.  We look forward to connecting with you. 

SUNDAY November 26th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm

Place: Transense Healing Holistic Centre

Cost: $50 per person

Please bring a yoga mat, blankets and pillows to make yourself comfortable (**)

If money is the only thing stopping you from coming please come and pay what you can afford. We know that life always pays it forward. Do you?

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