Caryl Ayearst:  Registered Holistic NutritionistMaster NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist, Reiki Level II

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Do you want to have more energy every day?
Do you want to hear people raving about your transformation?
Do you want to look in the mirror and see a younger you?

Caryl is someone who has had many health challenges and her own hormonal hell. She has brought herself back to health through nutrition and lifestyle changes proving that aging is not a reason to be in poor health.

Caryl has a special interest in guiding women to embrace their youthful old selves by addressing their issues, in particular hormonal imbalances, fatigue, insomnia, digestive issues, weight and stubborn belly fat. Get your energy back, get a good night’s sleep, wear your clothes with pride and enjoy a sharper mind!

Nutritional Counselling is based on a natural approach to a healthy diet encompassing all aspects of an individuals lifestyle taking into account the body, mind and spirit.

Caryl is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, graduate of the Canadian School for Natural Nutrition in 2012. To further help with clients, she studied Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (behaviour based science of excellence and how to reproduce it) and Hypnotherapy in 2015. And in 2016, she undertook to learn energy work and has her level II Reiki.

Caryl has also introduced to her services, laboratory testing so you can see for yourself what is going on in your body.
Tests available: Hair Mineral Analysis (8 toxins and 19 minerals)
Food Intolerance & Zonulin Testing
Hormone Testing
DNA – 45 genes on how you metabolize

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Services available:

Nutritional counselling packages; NLP Coaching (guaranteed results in writing); Hypnotherapy packages; Laboratory testing; Workshops, Talks and Lunch and Learn programs.

Stop living in pain!

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Sleepless to Blissful Sleep   
Do you wake up feeling tired?
Are you watching the clock tick away instead of sleeping?
Would you like to see yourself sleep throughout the whole night?

Nothing feels better than waking up rested and ready to take on what the day brings. So why is it that you cannot get to sleep? Or do you get to sleep and then wake up only to find you cannot get back to sleep? Perhaps you feel tired even when you have had a full nights sleep.

If you have been tossing and turning or not feeling rested, then you owe it to yourself to come and learn 
how to get the sleep you are looking for.

What could be the reason that is keeping you up at night.
Solutions that you can implement to get you a restful nights sleep.
Foods and herbs that can help with sleep.

Get that blissful nights sleep!

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