Awakening The Heart Retreat
21st to 27th May 2018

Information session, February 12th, 6:30pm
call Stephanie 4169162980 to hear more,

come to our Information Session or  arrange a skype call

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England, Glastonbury, Chalice Well and Stonehenge

Stay at the Chalice Well World Peace Garden, Glastonbury
Experience the healing waters 
and the energies of the Isle of Avalon, 
Share meditation, classes, visits to sacred sites, 
the Goddess temple,
Take time to just 'be' in the beauty and energy of the gardens
Share healthy vegetarian meals, relax and have fun. 
Enjoy private access to Stonehenge
Connect with ancient sacred energies

"Deepen your connection with who you are"

The south west of England is my homeland and 
it will be a pleasure to guide you as we journey here 
and share the wonderful energy of the Isle of Avalon,
the heart chakra of England.

“Inner Transformation and Joy”

SC cropped 2008 Chalice Well 2 Stonehenge compressed ATH1 TOR

‘this is something very special’
'excellent planning and attention to needs'
'…the ease by which the moments flowed through the days at Chalice Well'
‘Nothing prepared me for being inside the energy of the stones at Stonehenge’
'It is a gift that will keep on giving and giving as I journey onwards'

There is no instinct like that of the heart. Lord Byron

Stephanie 10px Stephanie Cookson: Stephanie is the owner of Transense Healing Arts Holistic Centre and provides individual sessions including Reiki, Sekhem, personal/spiritual development and support, and a range of workshops, events and Retreats.

Stephanie is a Registered Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association, a Registered Mental Health Nurse (UK), and MBA with 19 years experience in group and individual therapies, mental health and social care, leadership, management and education before moving to Toronto from England in 2005.  

Stephanie has a strong commitment to healing and spiritual growth in growing in LOVE together as we each move along our personal journey. 

Please see the below pictures and testimonials from preview retreats since 2008

Three on top of the Tor The Angel bench 2 The Holy Thorn
The fossil in King Arthurs Court The path 2 gate
sheep Kia on the Tor cathedral

"It was perfect for me on so many levels"

"I have an expanded perspective"

"Thank you for creating a safe and sacred space for us to awaken"

"I cannot thank you enough for all the blessings and knowledge that I gained at the Retreat. The Awakening the Heart Retreat was truly inspiring and your calm beautiful spirit infectious."

"I am still pinching myself and wonder if the time at the Retreat was just a beautiful, wondrous and magical dream."

"Thank you for all your hard work at the Retreat. I would recommend it to anyone. With love and blessings."

‘I am leaving with a much lighter heart and more joyful soul. Thank you for such a wonderful experience I will always remember and retain in my heart.’

‘A lovely mix of stillness, movement, fun, learning, opening. It was a magical time.’ 

‘Nothing prepared me for being inside the energy of the stones at Stonehenge’

‘a spiritual deepening and connectivity with ourselves and others, with nature and the source of all beings’. 

‘There has been a big shift.... I am fully aligned in the present...’

All of us at the top of Tor

ATH5 group      

Avebury Buttercups and the Tor Chalice Well 2
ATH2 CWback ATH3 SH1 ATH4 fountain
ATH6 room ATH7 flower ATH8 water door
ATH9 landscape Awakening The Heart 

Awaken to who you fully are... 
release what you no longer need, 
connect with the ancient sacred energies. 

Experience deep healing and inner joy.

Workshops daily 
walks, visits, 
ancient and sacred sites 
personal time
ATH10 TOR2 ATH11 garden

ATH13 stores
ATH12 CWlid
ATH14 gate ATH15 SH2 ATH16 teaching room

Getting There:

Fly into London or Exeter Airports. Train/ car / coach to Glastonbury.  Assistance given with travel plans and booking.


Prices include: Accommodation for 7 days, 6 nights, healthy vegetarian meals, soft drinks and snacks, all workshops, group trips, activities, private access to Stonehenge. (Flights not included).

Shared (twin) rooms are available and a small number of single rooms

A deposit is required to secure your booking and room.

Payment plans are available.

Please contact Stephanie for more information and to reserve your place on this transformation adventure! tel 416 271 0512
ATH17 bedroom

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Feb 2nd
Imbolc Ceremony

Feb 3rd
Advanced Sekhem Class

Feb 4th
All Love Workshop

Feb 6th
CPEB Working with the Emotional Body

Feb 7th
Body Talk Workshop and Anxiety Group Heaing

Feb 11th
Making Friends with Anxiety

Feb 12th
England Retreat Info Session

Feb 12th
Hand Reflexology

Feb 21st
Holistic Chamber of Commerce

Feb 22nd
Reiki Share

Feb 24th
Reiki II Class

Feb 26th
Indian Head Massage

March (and ongoing)
Reiki Master Teacher Program

March 6th
CPEB The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
of Stress and Anxiety

March 6th
Sacred Geometry Workshop

March 29th
Reiki Share

April 3rd
CPEB Working with Your 'Go to Emotion'

May 21st to 27th 2018
Awakening the Heart England Retreat

Weekly (Monday evenings)

Pranic Healing


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Transense Healing Arts Holistic Centre is a Registered Holistic Centre with the City of Toronto.

Stephanie Cookson (owner Transense)

Member of Canadian Reiki Association, Registered Teacher (06-061)
Member of International Association of Reiki Professionals
Registered Nurse Nursing and Midwifery Council UK, Registered Mental Nurse (RMN).
Member of Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses
Holistic Practitioner, City of Toronto
Holistic Chamber of Commerce Midtown Toronto (founding member)
Masters In Business Administration, Bournemouth University, England
Companion, Chalice Well, Glastonbury, England

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