Amethyst Bio Mat                                          

The Amethyst Bio Mat, Pillow, and Chair Mat are all available for treatment sessions, complimentary trial and purchase from Stephanie at

amethyst biomat pro set   

The Amethyst Bio mat is often combined in treatment sessions with Stephanie.
The mat can also be used on its own e.g. Bio mat treatment sessions – 30 minutes $30 (treatment packages available).

For more information, a complimentary 30 minute demonstration (first visit only)
or to purchase a Bio Mat or Bio belt please contact Stephanie on tel. 416 916 2980 or

The New Amethyst Bio Mat 7000x has arrived! Please read the below details.

The Amethyst Mat is a unique combination of thee bio-compatible energy therapies:
Amethyst (and additional) Crystal, Negative Ions, Far Infra Red

Amethyst Bio Mat

The Amethyst Bio mat is available and often combined in treatment sessions with Stephanie

The mat can also be used on its own e.g. Bio mat treatment sessions – 30 minutes $30 (treatment packages available). 

For more information, a complimentary 30 minute demonstration (first visit only) or to purchase a Bio Mat please contact Stephanie on tel. 416 916 2980 or

Far Infrared:  
Though it is invisible to the human eye approximately 80% of the sun's rays fall into the far infrared range. It is simply a form of energy that is directly transmitted into objects because of its specific wavelength. First discovered by NASA, scientists propose it is the most beneficial electromagnetic energy available for the human body, directly affecting all metabolic and cellular functions.

Negative Ion: The key players in creating the electric energy within our body are structures called ions. Cells create electrical energy as ions move from the solutions inside the cells of our body to the solutions outside the cells. This becomes the energy source that initiates body functions ranging from muscle contraction to creative thought.

Amethyst Crystal: It has been deemed "nature's tranquilizer" by many healers because of it's effectiveness in relaxing not only the mind but also the nervous system. It is described as the crystal that works for clearing the energy blockages to provide the proper alignment of the Chakras and free flow of energy through them.

Benefits of the Therapies

 FIR Therapy has been shown to:

    • Reduce pain, stiffness, swelling and inflammation
    • Improving lymph flow and the endocrine system.
    • Increase blood circulation and strengthens the cardiovascular system.
    • Activate healthy molecular vibration with long-lasting, life-sustaining activity by initiating enzyme activity.
    • Found to penetrate deeply into the innermost parts of the body, stimulating healing and regenerating of cells, nerves and meridians hidden beneath surface, adipose (fat) and muscle tissue layers.
    • Balance pH by decreasing acidity.
    • Help remove toxins and detoxifying the body.
    • Improve the Immune System
    • Reduce Stress and Fatigue
    • Improve Skin and Muscle Tone
    • Help control Weight & Burns Calories
    • Reduce Cholesterol
    • To attain a Deep Delta State of Relaxation
    • As the molecules of your cells are illuminated with far infrared light rays of the same “frequency” it actually boosts your cellular metabolism and microcirculation
    • It can also promote the elimination of poisons, carcinogenic heavy metals and other toxic substances that the body encapsulates in water molecules and stores in the subcutaneous fat cells.

Negative Ions are considered to be "Natures Battery Charger". 
Negative Ions are a major natural element that provides energy to the human body and have been shown to:

  • Deliver a molecular level massage that accelerates and deepens all healing and cleansing processes.
  •  Be the "Master Power Switch", which activates the body's entire cellular communication system and makes every single body function work better.  (Nobel Prize in Medicine 1991 - Reviving the Cell - When the amount of Negative Ions in the blood increases, the function of the cell is activated. Thus increasing nutrient absorption, waste elimination, metabolism and cell function.) The reverse holds true if there is a lack of negative Ions, and too
  • many positive Ions within a cell. Then, absorption of nutrition and elimination of waste material cannot be done effectively. As a result diseases happen.
  • Alleviate allergies, migraines, and sinus problems.
  • Purification of our Blood - Through research done by Dr. Tanaka in Japan, it was discovered that when Negative Ionization is introduced, the Ions in calcium and natruim (salt) in the blood increases, and the blood is purified by increasing blood alkalinity.
  • Increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy,(Pierce J. Howard, PhD, author of “The Owners Manual for the Brain: Everyday Applications from Mind Brain Research” and director of research at the Center for Applied Cognitive Sciences in Charlotte, N.C.)
  • To produce biochemical reactions that decreases levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.

Amethyst Quartz is "Natures Super Conductor".



Scientifically found to offer the steadiest and most powerful delivery of beneficial far infrared light waves and highest vibrational frequencies into the human body. Amethyst also aids inner alignment, balances inner body energies and clears energy blocks. Has been shown to:

  • Aid with sleep
  • Improve mood and depression
  • Help with swelling and inflammation
  • Detoxify the body 
  • Enhance relaxation
  • Balance and stabilize energies located within certain areas of the body


Induces Delta State

  • Restorative theories of sleep describe sleep as a dynamic time of healing and growth for organisms. For example, during stages 3 and 4, or slow-wave sleep (delta), growth hormone levels increase, and changes in immune function occur

  • Negative ions applied to the body via the Bio-Mat have been shown to induce a delta wave state within several minutes of usage. This greatly facilitates deep relaxation, reduction of stress, and improved sleep function. Those who have a history of poor sleep or insomnia may find the Bio-Mat very helpful

  • Hypothalmic dysfunction (a major player in CFS/FM) affects sleep, as well as blood pressure, hormonal systems, and temperature regulation. In animal studies done at the University of Tennessee by Carol Everson, Ph.D., sleep deprivation resulted in immune suppression, resulting in multiple infections (including yeast overgrowth in the gut). Many other abnormalities also occurred based on the sleep disorder. These same processes seem to occur in people with CFS/FM. ( Chronic Fatigue)

How it Works

 BioMat ™ Amethyst Pro. contains more than 28 lbs of amethyst crystals which naturally produce and are superconductors of Far Infrared Rays

  • When the Bio Mat™ mx Amethyst  is turned on pulses of energy ( ( DC- Current) radiate through the layers containing the Japanese Kurare Carbon Ceramic Super Fiber Material generating  Long wave Far Infrared Rays (8-12 micron) that the human body can easily absorb.
  • The superconductor properties of the amethyst crystals amplify these Bio Natural rays so they can penetrate the body up to six inches unlike most other far infrared technologies which only penetrate 1 to 1.5 inches.
  • Bio Mat™ mx Amethyst also has a special feature of direct conduction of negative potential that transforms positive Ions to negative Ions inside the human body. This process changes the acidic condition of the body to alkaline which is its natural healthy state.

The Bio-Mat 2005mx comes with an all natural silk and cotton removable mattress pad .

Temperature Settings + Guidelines:

  • Start on lower setting and gradually increase as the body is ready to absorb more of the beneficial light rays. Power on; gives negative ions and amethyst crystal only. Remember everyone has different backgrounds, needs, metabolism, which can change on a daily basis. Therefore if is important to use your intuition and listen to your own body.
  • Kinesiology can be very helpful. Improvement in the body system can be felt immediately and by some people in 1 day, and others over time, everyone is different.  
  • If medical guidance is needed, please consult your health care provider. 

Importance of Hydration:

Drink a large glass of water before and after each Bio Mat Session to prevent dehydration and to help your body detoxify all that has been released.

Professional and Home Use of the Amethyst BioMat

Pre-Treatment: Waiting Room Relaxation, Pre-Procedure Stress Reduction, Pre-Physiotherapy, Muscle Relaxation 
During Treatments: Works perfectly with and enhances almost every spa and therapeutic service offered
Therapy & Recovery: Pain Relief, Accelerated Healing, other treatments go deeper and last longer, Increased Absorption of Supplements, Follow-up Care

All information given on this page is from material given to me on purchase of a CD as a Bio Mat Distributor in Canada. It comes with the following disclaimer. Legal Disclaimer. Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. No health claims for these products have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA approved these products to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. Since every individual is unique, you may wish to consult with your health care practitioner about the use of our product in your particular situation. 


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Amethyst Bio Mat

amethyst biomat pro set
Amethyst Bio Mat
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